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Dean's Scribes - Call for Volunteers

With the start of the new term, we are writing to ask for student volunteers for the Dean's Scribe program.  

The Dean's Scribe program exists to enhance equal access to lecture notes for students at Osgoode with disabilities who face various barriers to taking their own notes in class without support. These may be visible disabilities or non-visible disabilities such as hearing or vision loss, a chronic health disability, a mental health disability or a learning disability.

By volunteering as a Dean’s Scribe, you simply and anonymously provide a copy of your lecture notes to fellow students with disabilities that are enrolled in your class.

The Dean’s Scribe program is entirely confidential and respects the privacy and confidentiality of students receiving notes and students providing notes.

How to qualify as a Dean's Scribe (super simple!):
i.  You are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year student at Osgoode
ii.  You type your class lecture notes
iii.  You regularly attend class
iv. You feel reasonably comfortable with the accuracy of your notes. We do not review notes at any time – we rely on your assessment of the comprehensiveness and accuracy of your lecture notes.

Here's how the program works (super easy!):
i.  Send an email, with a list of the courses you are enrolled in this term to Gayle Dyke at GDyke@osgoode.yorku.ca.  Your email should be received by no later than Friday, January 24, 2020 (but the sooner the better!!)
ii. Shortly thereafter, or at some point during the term, you may be notified that there is a student with a documented disability in your class and eligible to receive note-taking accommodations and that this student is in need of your lecture notes.  You will then be given instructions on how to "anonymize" your notes and where to send them each week.
iii. The program is entirely confidential.  Students receiving notes from Dean's Scribes will not know the identity of their Scribe and Scribes will not know the identity of the students to whom they are providing notes.  Further, students receiving notes from Dean’s Scribes understand and agree to use these notes for only his or her personal study purposes and to keep these notes confidential.

At the end of the academic year, the generosity and supportive community spirit of each of our Dean's Scribes will be recognized with Letter of Recognition from the Law School and an invitation to our volunteer appreciation luncheon.

By volunteering as a Dean's Scribe, you offer an essential and invaluable service to peers at Osgoode with disabilities and support our ability to make legal education more accessible and inclusive for your fellow students in need of support.