2019-2020 Course and Seminar Information Tables

The enrolment figures in the tables will help you to letter prioritize your course selections. These figures represent the course enrolment and demand the last term the course was taught by that specific instructor. The initial demand indicates the number of students that assigned a letter priority to that particular course or seminar. The final enrolment figure indicates the number of students who were enrolled in that course at the end of the add/drop period. Please note that enrolment demand fluctuates and the figures presented may not accurately reflect future results.
  • When an instructor is new to Osgoode or when a course/seminar has not been offered for more than three years, the demand figures are listed as Not Available (N/A).
  • Courses without prerequisites: 2000's;
  • Courses with prerequisites: 4000's.
  • Seminars without prerequisites: 3000's;
  • Seminars with prerequisites: 5000'

Fall 2019 Courses
TitleInstructorSectionHoursNumberCreditsInitial DemandMaxFinalWriting Requirement?Praxicum?