Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law

(2110.04) Course
Instructor(s): Professor K. Drake

Description: This course will provide a critical survey of state law as it relates to Indigenous peoples and lands in what is now known as Canada. Topics will include but are not limited to: historical context and constitutional framework; Indigenous law; Aboriginal rights and title; self-government; treaties and treaty rights; the Indian Act; the authority and obligations of the federal and provincial governments; and Indigenous identity. This course fulfills the prerequisite requirements for the Intensive Program in Aboriginal Lands, Resources and Governments. It is also recommended for students who plan to take the advanced seminar on Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

Evaluation: Limited open book exam worth 65% of final grade. Short paper worth 35% of final grade.

Fall: 4 credits; 4 hours
Max. Enrollment: 50
Prerequisite Courses: None
Preferred Courses: None
Presentation: Lecture, discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: No
Praxicum: No