(2090.04) Course
Instructor(s): Professor A. Parachin

Description: This course will provide a survey of key issues relating to trusts and trustees. The topics to be covered include: the juridical nature of the trust as a distinctive legal relationship, the reasons for which trusts are established (or come into existence by operation of law), the means by which trusts are established, the different species of trusts, including express trusts, purpose trusts, constructive trusts and resulting trusts, and issues relating to trustee duties.

Evaluation: 100% final examination or optional 25% mid-term exam and 75% final examination.

Fall: 4 credits; 4 hours
Max. Enrollment: 80
Prerequisite Courses: None
Preferred Courses: None
Presentation: Lecture
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: No
Praxicum: No