Law & Social Change: Community Action Across Borders

(2750M.03) Course
Instructor(s): Professor F. Bhabha

Description: The law is increasingly being used as an instrument of social change in the globalized world. A central aim of this course is for students to learn how to make a difference: how to be a community-based lawyer on a global scale. It offers students the opportunity for skills training, hands-on experience, structured reflection and peer collaboration. It merges theory, doctrine and practice in a dynamic, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary setting. The course works in tandem with the International Legal Partnership (ILP), a student-run group providing policy and legal research assistance to organizations working in the developing world. Since 2006, Osgoode students have undertaken summer fellowships in places such as Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, the Philippines, India, Argentina, Kosovo and South Africa. Prior to their departure, students participate in a week-long intensive program in May, which includes mandatory sessions with the course instructor. While abroad, they submit weekly reports and write comments on the class blog, which is reviewed by the instructor. On return, student participation in the weekly seminar focuses on writing a term paper incorporating reearch, findings and reflections based on their experience abroad, and presenting works in progress to their classmates. Papers are due at the end of the term.

Evaluation: Research/reflective paper (60%); Presentation (20%); Participation (20%).

Fall: 3 credits; 3 hours
Max. Enrollment: 20
Prerequisite Courses: This seminar is open only to those students who participated in a summer ILP.
Preferred Courses: none
Presentation: Seminar
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: Yes
Praxicum: Yes