Criminal Law II: Sexual Offences

(2240E.03) Course
Instructor(s): S. Chapman & M. Dineen; Adjunct Professors

Description: This advanced criminal law class examines legal issues that commonly arise in relation to criminal sexual offences.  Topics will include:  consent and mistaken belief in consent;  failure to disclose HIV+ status;  access to the complainant's counselling records;  admissibility of evidence of the complainant's prior sexual history;  prior complaint and recent fabrication;  admissibility of similar fact evidence;  child pornography and obscenity;  sex offender registry/ community notification provisions; and forensic psychiatric evidence.

Evaluation: Research paper - 7,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography, (80% of final grade) and class attendance and participation (20% of final grade).

Fall: 3 credits; 3 hours
Max. Enrollment: 20
Prerequisite Courses: Criminal Law I
Preferred Courses: None
Presentation: Discussion, lectures
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: Yes
Praxicum: No