(2490.04) Course
Instructor(s): R. McKechney & S. Weinstein; Adjunct Professors

Description: This course will examine the basic rules and principles of evidence law in Canada, and the impact of constitutional principles and constraints. The course will also examine some of the philosophical underpinnings on which judges and legislators rely when they develop and apply rules of evidence.  Students will learn how to reason about evidence, and will be encouraged to reflect critically on the modern law of criminal evidence.

Evaluation: 100% open book final examination, with an option to write a paper for a portion of the grade.

Fall: 4 credits; 4 hours
Max. Enrollment: 80
Prerequisite Courses: None
Preferred Courses: None
Presentation: Lectures; discussion; problem-solving
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: No
Praxicum: No