Communications Law

(2005.03) Course
Instructor(s): K. Engelhart, E. Antecol & P. Miller; Adjunct Professors

Description: This course will examine law, policy and regulations concerning the Internet, broadcasting and telecommunications. All three professors are practising communications lawyers and the course will emphasize real world advocacy and public policy issues. In the case of the Internet topics will include network neutrality, privacy and Internet broadcasting. Of particular interest in broadcasting are questions about the implications of competition and new services in the Canadian broadcasting system on Canadian content. In telecommunications, emphasis will be given to issues arising from competition, wireless and new technologies.  The course satisfies the Praxicum Requirement.

Evaluation: Two out of three short tests on practical problems (2 pages each, 10% for each test), a class participation mark (10%) and an intervention in a mock CRTC proceeding (60% for written submission and 10% for oral submission.)  Each section (broadcasting, telecommunications and Internet) will have a requirement for students to submit a one page question and answer on a practical issue associated with that section.  The questions and answers will be discussed in one class per section.  The questions and answers will be graded and the grade will be included in the class participation mark.  Handing in a question and answer for each section is mandatory for completing the course.

Fall: 3 credits; 3 hours
Max. Enrollment: 40
Prerequisite Courses: None
Preferred Courses: Administrative Law
Presentation: Lectures, discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement: No
Praxicum: No