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IP Osgoode Speaks Series: Luke McDonagh "Copyright & Collaboration in Works of Theatre"

Date: 2-Mar-2020
Time: 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM
Location: Osgoode Hall Law School, Room 2003
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IP Osgoode Speaks Series:

Luke McDonagh "Copyright & Collaboration in Works of Theatre"

In recent years conflicts over authorship in theatre have become more prevalent. High profile legal disputes have occurred, with some, such as the 2019 theatrical authorship row between Idris Elba, Kwame Kwai-Armah, Sarah Henley and Tori Allen-Martin playing out in various media outlets, while negotiations involving e.g. Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original cast of Hamilton over royalties have been resolved amicably. Only rarely have copyright cases involving works of theatre come to court. There are a number of reasons for why these disputes rarely result in formal litigation, which is explored over the course of this talk.

In this seminar Dr McDonagh examines how Copyright Law and authorship works in the context of theatre, including questions of joint-authorship, infringement and moral rights; examining how playwriting occurs and its relationship with performance; evaluating empirical interview data conducted by the author with actors, writers, directors and producers of theatre; and finally considering recommendations for legal reform. 

Dr Luke McDonagh is a Senior Lecturer in the Law School at City, University of London. He undertakes research primarily in the areas of Intellectual Property Law and Constitutional Law. Luke has published widely in respected journals including The Modern Law Review, Journal of Law and Society and Civil Justice Quarterly. He has been awarded grant funding for a range of successful law projects, including substantial grants from the ESRC, EU Horizon2020, the UK Global Challenges Research Fund, the UK Intellectual Property Office, The Modern Law Review and the UK Constitutional Law Association. His work on patents has been cited in the UK Parliament and he has presented his SEPs research before the European Parliament. Luke has been invited to present his work at a range of prestigious institutions around the world, including at University of Oxford; Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa; Complutense University of Madrid; National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); Keio University, Tokyo; Waseda University, Tokyo; University of Hong Kong (HKU); Tongji University, Shanghai; and University of Havana, Cuba. For 2017-18 he was a Visiting Lecturer at Keio University, Tokyo and a Visiting Scholar at Waseda University, Tokyo. For 2018-19 he was a Visiting Fellow at Toyo University, Tokyo. He is currently writing a monograph for Hart Publishing about copyright law and theatre.